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TAFE Courses For International Students in Australia

In this guide, we’ll outline the benefits of choosing TAFE studies in Australia, the required IELTS scores, top TAFE institutions as well as the most popular courses for a PR visa.

Why study TAFE in Australia

If you want to gain a job qualification without the hassle of studying for a university degree, a TAFE degree may be the best option for you. Here’s a comparison of the TAFE and university studies and their outcomes:

Flexible study options

With full time, part time, on campus and online course delivery available, the accessibility of TAFE paves the way for you to develop new skills and dive into a career change, while helping to address key skill shortages in Australia.

Lots of support

With smaller class sizes, teachers can give each student more individual assistance with their studies.

Focus on work experience

As many qualifications require hands-on, real-life experience, TAFE courses ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to apply the practical skills that you have learned. Your training proves to be worthwhile, because more than 9/10 trade apprentices have jobs after completing their TAFE studies.

Improved employment status

According to McCrindle and Deloitte Access Economics, 60.6% of TAFE graduates had an improved employment status and 16.3% of graduates who were already employed before training were employed at a higher skill level.


Since TAFE institutions are government owned, you can be guaranteed that every course you study is fully accredited.

Access to courses that are not available at university

At TAFE, you’ll find a large range of courses that are not available at university, such as vocational and technical qualifications required for your dream job.

Pathway towards university

If you haven’t met the entrance requirements for university, you may be able to complete a TAFE course and be eligible to transfer your knowledge and skills towards a related undergraduate university degree.

IELTS results needed for TAFE courses

You’ll need an overall score 5.5 (with no score lower than 5.0) for certificate III, IV, diploma and advanced diploma courses. For an associate degree, an overall score of 6.0 is needed.

Top TAFE institutions in Australia

  • TAFE NSW (Sydney)
  • TAFE Queensland (Brisbane)
  • RMIT University (Melbourne)
  • SA TAFE (Adelaide)
  • South Metropolitan TAFE (Perth) 

Aged care or disability support

  • Profession is expected to increase by almost 20% from 2020-2025 (source:
  • On the STSOL
  • After working for 3 years and passing an assessment through ACWA, you’ll be eligible to apply for a visa which can lead to PR, including subclass 190, 187, 494 and 491

Courses: Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community), Certificate IV in Disability, Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Your course will include theoretical and practical work placement components where you’ll be providing hands-on support to people within residential care facilities as well as assisting with independence and wellbeing their own homes, while offering companionship and emotional support.

Commercial Cookery

  • On the MLTSSL
  • You’ll need to work for at least 3 years and pass a skills assessment with TRA before applying for a visa which can lead to PR, including subclass 186, 189, 190, 187, 494 and 491

Courses: Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery, Certificate IV in Patisserie

To become a qualified chef, you’ll need to complete TAFE studies as part of an apprenticeship. In your course, you’ll learn how to safely prepare, cook and present food to a high standard, estimate food and labour costs, as well as cooking techniques and procedures.

Despite the profession being very large, it attracts an average pay of $1250 per week, so being a chef offers you and your family financial stability.

Veterinary nursing

  • On the STSOL
  • You will need to have worked for at least 3 years and pass a skills assessment through VETASSESS to be eligible for visa subclasses 190, 187, 494 and 491

Course: Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

In your course, you will learn how to assist veterinarians with procedures during consultations, examinations and operations, as well as caring for and monitoring the health of animals that are undergoing treatment and recovery.

You can enjoy flexible working hours as a veterinary nurse, with many opportunities to work part time to achieve a good work-life balance. In fact, most full-time workers spend only 40 hours a week at work, which is lower than the average of 44 hours. The average weekly pay for full-time work is $1088, though this amount increases with experience (source:


  • On the STSOL
  • Once you’ve passed your course and a skills assessment with NAATI you may be eligible for a PR visa subclass 190, 187, 494 or 491

Courses: Diploma of Interpreting, Advanced Diploma of Interpreting

Your studies will help you to refine your verbal language skills so that you’re able to effectively transfer between your native language to English and vice versa in a limited time frame.

Full time interpreters earn an above-average wage of $1942 per week, but only 22% work full time (source:, so you’ll be able to choose your own hours and have the option of working from home.

Enrolled Nurse

  • On the STSOL
  • After you’ve gained your registration to practice, worked for 3 years, and passed a skills assessment with ANMAC, you may meet the requirements for a PR visa through subclass 190, 187, 494 or 491

Courses: Diploma of Nursing

Your studies will consist of both theoretical and practical experience in real-life clinical settings so that you feel confident to use your new skills on the first day of work.

With a good average weekly income of $1426 (, full time enrolled nurses can work in almost any location in Australia and enjoy flexible working hours.

Currently, there is a shortage of enrolled nurses working in Australia, so the profession has been placed on the STSOL for migration, with strong growth expected over the next few years.

If you’re keen to become a registered nurse, you will be eligible to transfer credit from your Diploma towards a Bachelor’s degree at university.


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