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As you plan to study or work in Australia, finding suitable accommodation can be a challenge. We can assist you by providing various accommodation options. We offer a wide range of accommodation including privately-rented housing, university dormitories and rooms for students and workers who wish to stay near their university or office.



AUD 150 – AUD 270
per week

Home-stay offers a natural and friendly way for students to experience the Australian lifestyle. It is particularly popular among younger students and those taking short-term English courses. Home-stay typically includes some meals and can offer single or shared rooms at varying costs. In some cases, self-catering options may also be available at a lower cost. Another option is farm stay, which provides similar services in a rural setting, but usually for shorter stays.


AUD 90 – AUD 180
per week

Hostels, a popular form of accommodation among students, are often run by organizations such as Youth Hostels Australia. They offer shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, making them a cost-effective option for students on a budget. In hostels, students typically share a room with other students, and may have to share a bed in a dormitory-style setting. This type of accommodation is great for students who are looking to meet new people and create a sense of community while they study in Australia. However, students should be aware that hostels may not provide the same level of privacy or comfort as other types of accommodations, and may have strict rules and regulations that need to be followed.


AUD 80 – AUD 300
per week

Renting a house, apartment or bed-sitter is another popular option for students looking for accommodation in Australia. These types of accommodations are typically shared with other students, and can be found through a variety of sources such as notice boards, websites, and newspapers. This type of accommodation allows students more freedom and independence, and the opportunity to live in a more adult environment. However, students will have to pay for all their bills and expenses themselves.


AUD 120 – AUD 500
per week

When renting a house, apartment or bed-sitter, students may need to furnish their own accommodations. This means that students will have to invest in furniture and household items such as a bed, a desk, and appliances. However, this can also be a great opportunity for students to personalize their living space and make it feel like home.

Landlords typically require rent to be paid in advance, and a security deposit, usually equivalent to one month’s rent, before moving in. This deposit serves as a guarantee that the student will take care of the property and pay rent on time. It is important for students to be aware of these requirements and budget accordingly. Additionally, students will have to have an agreement with the landlord, that would include details on the rent, the duration of the lease, the terms and conditions of the tenancy and other details.

When renting an accommodation, it is also important for students to be aware of their rights as tenants and understand the local laws and regulations related to housing. This will help ensure that students have a positive experience and are able to resolve any issues that may arise.


AUD 10K – AUD 20K
per year

Many private secondary schools in Australia provide accommodation, meals, and laundry services for international students. This is a great option for students who are looking for a more structured and supportive living environment while they study in Australia. These schools offer comfortable and secure living spaces, often in the form of dormitories or boarding houses, where students can live and study alongside their classmates. In addition, many schools also provide meals and laundry services, making it easy for students to take care of their basic needs while they focus on their studies. This type of accommodation can be a great choice for students who are new to Australia and want to immerse themselves in the local culture and lifestyle.


AUD 10K – AUD25K
per year

Most universities in Australia offer a variety of accommodation options for students, including university apartments, residential colleges, or halls of residence. Halls of residence are a popular option among full-time international students, as they provide a convenient and safe living environment close to campus. The cost of accommodation in halls of residence varies depending on the type of accommodation, such as a single or shared room.

Residential colleges provide accommodation with meals included, and are a great option for students who want a more structured and supportive living environment. The colleges typically undertake cleaning and household tasks, so students can focus on their studies. These colleges also provide access to a range of facilities such as sports, social clubs, tutoring, libraries and computer access. The cost of accommodation in these colleges varies depending on the type of accommodation, such as a single or shared room.


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