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Are you enthusiastic about cooking? Do you feel inspired when experimenting in the kitchen, or are you already employed in this industry? If this resonates with you, then you may want to explore studying cookery in Australia, a country with numerous opportunities in the culinary field.

More and more people are immigrating to Australia to pursue their dream careers and begin new life paths, and among the most sought-after courses for our students is cookery. Australia’s dining-out culture, combined with a plethora of eateries, including restaurants, cafes, pubs, and fast food chains across the country, has resulted in a high demand for skilled chefs in the region. The profession is even listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupation List, which is significant for individuals seeking to remain in the country for an extended period with a positive future outlook.

Furthermore, it is important to note that job prospects in the culinary sector have grown considerably in recent years, with a projected 104,000 new positions in this field by 2020, and the industry expanding by 14% annually. Furthermore, there is currently a shortage of chefs, cooks, and international workers in Australia.

Without a doubt, if you have a passion for cooking, you should consider enrolling in a cookery program in Australia and seize the opportunity to have a promising future in the country!

There are four streams: The Graduate Work Stream, the Post Study Work Stream, the Second Post Study Work Stream and the new Covid-19 Replacement Stream. Your eligibility depends on the level of qualification you have completed in Australia, and when you applied for, and were granted, your first student visa to Australia.

Course Information

Cookery courses in Australia are designed to train students to become skilled professionals who are well-equipped to enter the local culinary market. These programs consist of a blend of theoretical and practical classes taught by experienced professors and highly-regarded professionals in both local and international gastronomy. By taking these courses, students gain insight into the Australian culinary industry, develop essential skills, and learn about the most valuable professional requirements for top-quality employees.

There are different levels of cookery courses, including Certificate III and IV in Commercial Cookery. While the specific subjects and course structures may differ between schools, there is a shared format that all programs follow, enabling students to gain a broad understanding of each type of qualification.

Once you have completed the foundation level in Certificate III, it is time to delve deeper and explore your creativity, which is every chef’s dream. The Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery provides you with the skills to prepare a diverse range of dishes such as appetizers, salads, stocks, sauces, soups, seafood, meat, poultry, bread, and pastries, as well as plan menus effectively. This course is designed for those who aspire to become commercial cooks at a supervisory level, who can operate independently or with limited guidance from others. After completing this course, you will be prepared to work in various settings such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, cafes, or even run your own small business.

  • Possible job titles: chef and chef de partie.
  • Requirements: for international students, usually is required English language proficiency or academic requirements. Make sure to check with the institution you’re applying for.
  • Duration: from 1 to 2 years, full-time or part-time.

The Certificate III in Commercial Cookery opens up a range of job opportunities such as cook, commercial cook, banquet cook, cafe cook, and bistro cook. International students need to ensure they meet the English language proficiency or academic requirements when applying for this course. The duration of this program is typically 1 to 2 years, offered both as full-time and part-time study options.

  • Possible job prospects: cook, commercial cook, banquet cook, cafe cook, bistro cook.
  • Requirements: for international students, usually is required English language proficiency or academic requirements. Make sure to check with the institution you’re applying for.
  • Duration: from 1 to 2 years, full-time or part-time.

The Certificate in Kitchen Operations is an entry-level qualification that provides fundamental knowledge for working in kitchen operations. It covers topics such as food preparation, kitchen equipment, and procedures to maintain a safe and hygienic workplace. This qualification can lead to job opportunities such as takeaway cook, breakfast/brunch cook, catering assistant, and kitchen hand.

If you’re passionate about pastry, the Certificate in Patisserie is the perfect course for you. This introductory qualification will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to work in a pastry kitchen, where you’ll learn how to create a range of desserts, cakes, and petit fours. Upon completion of this course, you’ll have the opportunity to work as a pastry chef or pastry cook.

For those who have always been interested in pursuing a career as a professional chef, this is excellent news!

For more information on studying Cookery in Australia, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].


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